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Richard Nedd is a CPO at Finamp with over 11 years of experience in fintech. He is an active fintech expert, entrepreneur, manager, technical analyst, and writer. As an editor for Finamp, he contributes his deep tech and analytical skills, expertise, and understanding of financial technology, the global economy, and decentralized financial markets to provide market analysis and insights. Richard is also a frequent guest at business thematic and niche conferences.

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Arlington, Washington


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


A Computer Software Engineer by education, I built an 11-year career in fintech and marketing, and now l am a CPO with 10 years of experience.


CPO, with over 11 years of experience in the finance and technology fields.
Richard started products that make the lives of fintech innovators easier, providing them the cutting-edge technology platforms for the development of their FinTech businesses.

  • In 2012, Richard started as a Software Engineer. Soon he became the manager of a significant project on the development of inventive software with the semantic search.
  • Since 2023, Richard has worked as CPO at Finamp. For the last 6 years already, Richard successfully led the engineering departments and R&D teams and developed policies and procedures to maintain high-quality standards of software development services.
  • Overall, under Richard’s technical guidance, Finamp has built a reputation as a reliable and globally trusted fintech product.
  • During more than 11 years of work in the software industry, Richard has acquired an extensive background in a wide spectrum of IT fields – from software project management and risk assessment, software development, quality assurance, and testing to enterprise IT consulting and strategic planning. Having applied this experience, Richard authored and co-authored more than 50 publications.

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