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Platform Core Features

Powerful Transactional Core
Powerful Transactional Core

Finamp's new ledger, a high-speed, secure, and scalable white-label payment platform, offers excellent TPS metrics and multi AZ balance for enhanced business agility.

Modular Technology
Modular Technology

Finamp's modularity is crucial in fintech creation, supported by our associates' options. We provide key modules and can expand your platform as needed.

End-to-End Platform Solution
End-to-End Platform Solution

Prepare Finamp's launch with integrated financial modules and streamline them using Finamp's BaaS white-label fintech platform.

Cost-Saving Solution
Cost-Saving Solution

Our cost-effective solution allows your team to focus on customizations, fostering quick innovation for significant returns.

Infrastructure Flexibility
Infrastructure Flexibility

Our infrastructure agility supports all major standards and cloud-native apps. We adapt to client needs. We meet all infrastructure and region-specific requirements.

Tailored to Your Needs
Tailored to Your Needs

Finamp's expert team is committed to fintech advancement, offering tailored features, agile development, and meeting business and user needs efficiently.

Security and Compliance
Security and Compliance

We ensure your fintech business's security and regulatory compliance with our secure white-label fintech platform, leveraging our cloud and VM system.

Why Fintech Choose Finamp

White-Label Fintech Products for
Ready to Grow

Step up and be a part of the distinguished ensemble of companies that have leveraged our proficiency in developing financial products.

Offer your customers a seamless digital banking experience, including opening accounts, card issuing, making payments, and managing their finances. Even more, Crypto stocks, Lending, Family budgeting, Crowdfunding and more new habits for your comfortable life

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A cost-effective solution for a Fintech product without a hefty initial investment. Enter the finance market without commitment, or test the demand before creating a comprehensive product, all while reducing development and maintenance more, using "pay-as-you-go" you can make a soft launch and be a market leader even faster.

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Revolutionize your retail operation with Finamp's next-gen payment system. Offer self-service checkouts, efficiently manage warehouses, and empower your staff. Integrate cashbacks, bonus cards, and reward programs to create a seamless ecosystem for both online and offline marketing. Partner with Finamp, where the impossible becomes possible.

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Boosting telecom capabilities with innovative fintech white-label solutions for better transactions, streamlined operations, and superior customer experiences. Own a leadership growth on your auditory with Finamp

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Nowadays many gaming spheres pointed to the micro-transaction. Finamp bring the new wave of revenue growth of your gaming project. Loyalty, bonuses, achievements, time-based prized, referral program and even more can be enriched into your product with Finamp

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Be a trailblazer for your customers serving gift and online-streaming gift card. Become a trendsetter and enjoy Apple gift card and amazon cards to your auditory. Cashless Conveniences: From cinemas to theme parks, let your customers enjoy a cashless experience. With Finamp, they can quickly pay for services, food, and merchandise using their mobile devices.

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Digital Wallet App Demo

Dive into our demo application designed for both individual and business users. This demo, which respects your privacy by keeping all data locally, guides you through the user onboarding journey, showcasing KYC and KYB procedures. Optimized for lower-budget devices, our application balances performance and visuals. Post-welcome screens, the app unfolds a variety of features catering to diverse consumer needs, serving as an introduction to Finamp's future of fintech.

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Complete Suite of Services

Business needs bases on finances are key that requires to amplify by wide range of Finamp components. We truly believe that we serve anything required to the successful and reliable launch to the market or internal ecosystem.

Neobank Software

Provide unparalleled digital banking with Finamp. Our platform enables quick account creation, card issuance, and simplified transactions, along with efficient finance management.

Digital Wallet

Streamline your digital wallet with Finamp, optimizing costs for your region or domain. Our secure, efficient white-label solution enables global transactions.

Money Transfer

Empower your clients with Finamp's Money Transfer Service — a swift, secure, and easy method for cross-border and multi-currency transactions.

Payment Acceptance

Revolutionize your customer interaction with Finamp's POS solution. It supports QR codes and card payments, even without internet access, ensuring seamless sales.

Online Payment Gateway

Finamp's Online Payment Gateway offers seamless integration to many payment hubs, multi-currency transactions, fortified security, and intuitive user experience.

Multicurrency with IBANs

We provide customers with globally accessible accounts in any currency. Our system, which supports IBANs or sort codes, simplifies international transactions.

SEPA & International Transfers

Simplify money transfers with Finamp. Our platform caters to SEPA & International Transfers, adapting to local, pan-European, and global markets.

Currency Exchange

Offer your customers Finamp's convenient currency exchange solution. Our platform offers seamless conversion at competitive rates, making fund conversion easy.

KYC & KYB Verification

Our identity verification solution offers various methods to meet your audience's basic needs in a user-friendly manner.

Card Issuing

Easily issue and manage virtual and plastic cards with Finamp's Card Management module.

Private & Business Banking

Feature-rich and business-friendly, Finamp White-Label Platform were designed to support your business model.

Onboarding & Support

Onboarding is a powerful tool that significantly simplifies the process of acquiring new customers.


Drive engagement and incentivize customers and merchants with our personalized digital rewards platform.


Generate revenue from your wallet solution by leveraging the in-app digital marketplace to your market.

Adaptable Financial Solutions,
Regardless of Business Size

SaaS Hybrid Cloud Solution

Retain full control over your databases with our SaaS delivery model. Hosted on your servers, they provide independence from Finamp as a software provider and ensure compliance with data management regulations. Enjoy the benefits of data control and governance. Additionally, leverage Master-Master replication for DB, combining cloud benefits with proprietary in-house solutions.

Source Code License Solution

Benefit from cost savings with source code buyout. Acquire the platform's source code at a significantly lower price compared to initial development investment. Gain full control, customization, and flexibility over your technology assets.

Let’s Build Your Financial
Platform Together!


Get up and running quickly with our ready-made platform. Detailed documentation and intuitive functionality make it easy to understand and integrate into your business. Save time and hit the ground running with our user-friendly solution.


Being in the UK, we operate within one of the most protected jurisdictions, ensuring your investment and intellectual property rights are safeguarded. When you buy our product, you gain full ownership and the freedom to make improvements according to your needs. Our team provides exceptional support, ensuring a smooth and successful experience.


Accelerate your business growth with our efficient and agile development process. Once we receive your basic requirements, our expert team swiftly deploys a ready-made product within a month. Experience the speed and effectiveness of our streamlined approach, saving you valuable time and resources. With our fast turnaround, you can quickly launch your product and start generating revenue sooner.

Streamline your Fintech Product

Inhouse Development

Considerations in Developing Your Own Financial System: Time, Resources, Expertise, Compliance, and Costs.

Finamp White-Label Solution

Unlock the potential of a ready-made financial product combined with our expertise in the field. With our solution, you can fast-track your business growth by focusing on business developing. As a trusted partner we realize all from our side to reach the business goal using our state-of-art product

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